First Day or Second

Today is the second day of the 21 Day Meditation Challenge presented by the Chopra Center and my first blog post.  Deepak Chopra.  You’ve heard that guy’s name right?  Check out to participate.  Now I’m already a meditator, so for me to participate in a “challenge” is not a challenge at all;-) What I like is the opportunity to participate in some new guided meditations different from the ones I’m currently using, hopefully adding some excitement to my regular routine.  Is it ironic to discuss excitement with meditation which seems like a particularly boring practice anyway?  What would qualify as excitement in a meditation experience?  I decided I wanted to write a blog about it. Ugh, yet another blog. Yup.

I got the idea for my blog on the first day of the challenge, a result of the meditation, who knows? So, today it starts.  What I really wanted to do is share my experience with meditation.  I recommend it, but I have yet to have someone tell me they took my advice.   “It changed my life.” I imagine someone telling me as they hug me tearfully…hasn’t happened yet.  I’m still waiting.  Meditation makes me very patient.

The actual act of meditation is a very quiet practice.  You’re breathing, possibly focused on a phrase, called a “mantra” or an actual physical object like a candle and then you’re done, five, ten minutes, fifteen, twenty, thirty your choice.  Quiet right?  Shhhh.

I started meditating because although my life was okay something didn’t feel quite right.  I didn’t have any major problems but I felt like I could be happier or at least less agitated. That was more than a year ago and I haven’t stopped since.  I count my blessings every day.  I know that things are okay when I meditate. I’m less restless and I don’t panic, that is probably the greatest gift I’ve gotten from a meditation practice…so far. Lots of things have happened since I started my practice and I’ll discuss those as time goes by.  I will end by saying, I feel lucky to have discovered it and yes I do recommend it.


By DanyaWhite

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