Om x 2

Ooh, I meditated twice today.  Generally speaking that’s supposed to be standard practice but I don’t always do it. I have gotten much benefit from a once daily practice.  Having said that I do pretty regularly meditate more than once a day.  Well, I liked today’s meditation so much this morning I decided to do it again when I got home, using the same guided meditation from today’s challenge.  Honestly, I think I would be darn near psychic if I practiced meditation twice a day everyday.  Hmm reason for me to step up my game!

  You want stress relief?  I always thought the best way to get relief from stress was to be physically active.  Shake it off. Go for a run. Take a walk, so that’s what I did and afterwards I’d enjoy a nice hot shower and it worked to a degree. But, there was always an underlying restlessness that stayed with me.  I only recognize this in hindsight.  Physical activity does relieve the superficial layers of restlessness but the feeling persisted that there was something more, an agitation I didn’t reach. I don’t think I’m alone in that sentiment.  Since I started meditating I have experienced more relief from that restlessness and yet I know there’s more.  Meditation is an attempt to go deeper into a part of ourselves we don’t access easily.  It is a practice worth undertaking.  I continue because I know I can go deeper and I look forward to getting there.  I might discover some genius.


By DanyaWhite

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