I am definitely a person who lives my life intuitively.  Why? Um umh.  I don’t really know how to spell that so there you go.  It’s the slang for “I don’t know.” At least that’s what I was going for.  Intuitively right, back to it. I live my life intuitively meaning that I go with what feels right.  It’s what led me to meditation.  It’s what led me to becoming a vegetarian.  It’s what led me to purchase that car, those clothes, those shoes, vitamins, that college.  Yep, it affects every part of my life.

Meditation makes my intuition better.   Do I know the how of this?  Again, um umh.  I just experience it and as I meditate more I experience it more profoundly. I love going to the bookstore or the library and picking something intuitively.  I don’t know if it works for lottery numbers though because I  don’t play, perhaps intuitively I know I shouldn’t.


By DanyaWhite

Creator of Community. Curious Mind. A Wandering Soul. Witness.

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