Olympic Note

“You are prepared.  Everything you need is within you.”  Okay so I was watching Olympic beach volleyball and that’s what Misty May and Kerry Wash’s sports psychologist said to them before their match against the Italians.  It sounded so new age-y.  I loved it.  “The force is with you,” kind of thing.  Plus, I finished the latest 21 Day Meditation Challenge today so I was feeling very accomplished.  The focus of this latest challenge was about love.  Who doesn’t want or need more of that!

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own sports psychologist to give you lovely words of wisdom every time you’re about to do something important.  Perhaps a daily meditation would help you develop your inner cheerleader.  Lovely words of wisdom floating in your subconscious, bubbling forth when you need them.  Nice.


By DanyaWhite

Creator of Community. Curious Mind. A Wandering Soul. Witness.

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