New Perspective

“The cure for your nerve damage is a weekly massage.  I’ll be happy to write you a prescription so your insurance will cover the charges.”  That’s what I wanted my doctor to say to me after we finally figured out what my issue is.  Wishful drinking, as you may have expected, that’s not what she said.

18 December 2012 was the last time I drove my car for a distance greater than a half mile.  So, for the past three months I’ve been using public transportation for my city travels.  It was a completely unexpected turn of events but it’s provided a few gifts I could not have expected.  We’re calling this a perspective shift because that’s what using the city bus system has provided, not a complete paradigm shift, but a view from a different angle.  One, the number of restaurants in Los Angeles is staggering.  I guess I probably already knew that.  I’ve had the opportunity to explore lots of streets on foot that I normally drive and I’ve found some pleasant surprises.  I finally visited Book Soup on Sunset!  Sunset is a lot less intimidating on foot amazingly enough.  Downtown Los Angeles is gorgeous with its mix of old architecture, new art galleries and cafes & restaurants. Can we say hello “Big Man Bakes.”  Downtown Culver City is dare I say it quite chic with lots and lots of places to eat, with many vegetarian options I might add.  This restaurant thing seems to be a theme.  I found a place in Santa Monica that prints t-shirts on demand.  Haven’t you come up with a slogan and thought to yourself that should be a t-shirt?  Each city and neighborhoods within each city have very distinct personalities and yet I discovered they are easily connected together.  I also discovered that lots of things aren’t as far away as I thought which is nice.   Getting to work on a commuter bus is very easy and seriously cost effective.  Yes.  I don’t have to pay for downtown parking anymore.  I plan to keep the commute part even after I can drive again which is supposedly in about another month.

Nice finds on foot.

My cure, if it can be called that is to stop taking vitamin B6 because that’s what caused the problem…and wait. Yea, I guess.  No really.  I’m grateful it wasn’t something much more serious. 


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2 replies on “New Perspective”

Thank you. I was taking a B-Complex, so there were several B vitamins in it. The body can have MASSIVE quantities of B12 and be;-) okay. It was the excess of B6 specifically that caused the damage, that is according to the doctor of course.


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