No Such Thing as Green Stars

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Quiet Observations

The sounds of everyday life.

The gleeful shouts as my neighbor’s kids play.

The pounding of a broom as someone airs out their rugs.

The soft breeze rustling the tree branches.

A distant fire truck racing by.

City traffic on a faraway city street.

The ting ting sound of a stirring pot as someone makes tonight’s dinner.

Spoon to cup during the stirring of tea.

The smell of fresh laundry wafting in the air.

The way the sunlight hits the pavement.

Hear the quiet parts easily, see the subtleties in daily life, smell the faint scents in the air.

Looking out my window and witnessing the fullness of a quiet day in life.



He makes me feel safe.

That guy.

I know him, but I don’t.

I’ve seen him, but I haven’t met him, but I know him.

He’s nearby.

He’s waiting for my call.

He’s with me always.

He is safe.

I don’t even know what he’s wearing.

Probably nothing.

I can take off everything when I am with him.

He is home.