I Met Iman Today

I met Iman today. You know that international model who was a “supermodel” before they started using the term.  Okay I didn’t really meet Iman today.  I met Rachel her doppelgänger.  Now I just happen to think Iman is one of the most beautiful women in the world so I was very pleased to meet “her.”  I couldn’t stop staring.  Fortunately, Rachel was very nice so it worked out for me.

After I left my Iman, i had an odd thought.  What if Iman, the real one, were my best friend?  She would want me to take really good care of myself because that’s what best friend’s want for their friends.  Perhaps physically, maybe by getting some exercise and eating right and possibly using her makeup line, which fortunately is a really good product (whew), and emotionally so she would make herself available to me if I needed to talk through some things, and maybe, if I was doing something self-destructive she would call me out on it because that’s what best friends do.  Iman is such a gorgeous unique beauty I would think it would be important for her that I be myself and be my own gorgeous unique beauty.

OK, so really what I’ve been thinking about is what it means to really take care of myself, so I placed myself in the role of my own best friend.  Asking myself, “What would I say and do to myself and for myself as a best friend to myself?” It’s a twister but it makes since.  Wow. I would say to me exactly what my best friend in my head Iman said to me, not sure about the part about the makeup, but you get the idea. So as her friend I owe it to her  (and to myself) to do just that, take care of myself as if I were my own best friend.  How would you take care of yourself if you were your own best friend?